wow..2009 arrived like a storm and would leave before we realize its presence..i would like to forget the unwanted happenings of 2008 and look into the brighter path of i hope i achieve as many goals as possible..apart from that..

i hope that..

– i complete my foundation with flying colours..

– i visit at least 1 country..

– i can skip national service training..

– Man U wins the EPL and Champions League (it would be better if they can win another trophy to complete the treble)

– all my friends get their wishes granted..

– it would be a peaceful year ahead..

– i do something unforgettable..
well there are many more hopes but these are the ones that sound more realistic..haha..

at the moment i’m back home for semester break..which will last till 1st of Feb..classes starts on the 2nd 😦 ..exams was not as bad as i expected..did rather well i suppose :p

actually i did not mention about the place where i study at the moment..well..i’m in Nottingham Uni now doing Foundation in Engineering..mayb i would say that its a different experience being in an environment like that (foreign university with not much restrictions) :p..but the standard of education there is exceptionally high..i’m not boasting about the place i study but i’m giving an idea for those who are yet to go to should consider Nottingham university (seriously) :-)..besides far as i’m concern..there are only 2 ex-ACS students there currently..obviously i’m one of them and the other one is Alston..well now you who to consult if at all you have the intentions of studying in Nottingham University :p

well..i welcome ang’s suggestion to go hiking in Mount Kinabalu..i would be really a wonderful experience..mayb we should fix a date and all those who are interested and free can join..should plan out guys..i welcome suggestions..:-)

oh ya..i hope winnie gets well was quite bizarre to me when yvonne first told me that winnie is admitted in the hospital..because i always had the impression that winnie is active and healthy :p anyway hopefully everything goes on well for her..

not forgetting all my other all may have faced difficult periods throught these years..but all those setbacks and hard times are just temporary and it is essential to go through these kind of experience so that we come out wiser and mature..

so all the best to all out there and i hope this new year will bring happiness and joy to everyone..

oh ya..Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends who celebrate CNY..



This is my first post under wordpress..sorry guys for my absence in this world of blogging for some time. First and foremost, I would like to introduce myself..well as some of you’ll know and most of you’ll don’t know, I am Thilagaraaj Arronan s/o short i’m called Arronan. So anyone who has just got to know me and those who are yet to know me can address me as Arronan. Well to date i’m 17 years of age and currently i’m doing my foundation in engineering in Nottingham University Malaysia Campus..other than that, my early education include preschool studies in Tadika Kreatif, primary in Saint Francis and my secondary in ACS Sitiawan. These are some of my pictures..

its me looking nervous before going to sing..haha..but actually i dont get nervous so easily(ahmmm) 🙂

with corey and rick..cute fellows..haha

with my cousins..during a gathering (i’m the one in yellow)

myself, sachin and justin ( 3 out of the 4 fantastic 4 )( 2 of the few nicest people i’ve ever met)

Well some important characteristics of me..i’m serious most of the time(actually i’m not)..i’m friendly, adventurous n bla bla bla(its up to you guys to decide)..the list will keep on going..haha..i dont want to make this introduction a very lengthy i guess you guys have got a rough intro bout who i am there will be more posts coming in..and hope i keep you’ll entertained..thats all for now..cheers 🙂

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